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Our team at NeuroCraft, LLC is excited to serve you!

We have skilled practitioners trained in microcurrent neurotherapy but what separates us apart is how deeply we care about our clients.

We are your partners in wellness and are committed to helping you heal so you can squeeze every last drop of joy and fulfillment out of your one, precious life!

 We strive to put each indivudual at the center and address the full range of emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect their health. We work to be preventative correcitve, and hopeful. Our goal is to help you live your life to the fullest!

We are committed to using front line Neurotechnology to monitor our patient's overall brain health and to help them maintain a baseline that will allow them to live happy and healthy lives. 

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Carrie Vaccarella, (M.A. LPC, ICP)

Carrie Vaccarella is the CEO and founder of The NeuroCraft Center. Carrie received her master’s degree in Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2001 and has been a clinical trauma expert for twenty years.

Carrie has been deemed an expert with children and trauma in all major counties in Colorado and has also served as an expert for the Office of Respondent Parent Counsel. Carrie has been invited to hold a position on the clinical team for IASIS technology and is looking forward to furthering Microcurrent
Neurofeedback to the Rocky Mountain Region.

Carrie attributes the success of The NeuroCraft Center
to the thousands of clients who have entrusted their care to her over the last two decades. Carrie’s belief is that quality neurological care cannot be maintained with a fast-food drive thru model.

One of Carrie’s most seasoned Marine Veterans describes Carrie with the soul of a Saint Bernard in a Jack Russel Terriers body. Every Jack Russel needs a frisbee and Carrie’s frisbee is changing lives through changing brains!

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