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Our team at NeuroCraft, LLC is excited to serve you! We have skilled practitioners trained in microcurrent neurotherapy but what separates us apart is how deeply we care about our clients. We are your partners in wellness and are committed to helping you heal so you can squeeze every last drop of joy and fulfillment out of your one, precious life!

MicroCurrent Neurofeedback (MCNF)

Brain Gauge


Trauma Informed Therapy

Our most popular package includes two neuro assessments and 10 MCNF sessions. This package allows for a deep-dive into what has been holding you back from showing up fully in your life. 

Whether it’s past trauma, injury, illness, exposure to toxins, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, or another serious symptom, this plan is comprehensive in nature and designed specifically for your unique circumstances. 

Brain Gauge is a neuro assessment like none other! Overall Neurological health information is gathered by testing with a mouse-like device that has vibrations. The communication between the nerves in your fingers and the function in a region of the brain determines the overall health!

Brain Gauge is the best science out there and NeuroCraft is pioneering forward, thanks to Brain Gauge.

10 MCNF Sessions

Brain Gauge

Individual sessions, family packages, and corporate bundles are also available

A trauma-informed approach seeks an awareness of the widespread impact of trauma on life experience and relationships. It recognizes trauma’s role in the outlook, emotions and behavior of a person with a trauma history. A trauma-informed approach also accepts that trauma’s impact is far more prevalent than most people realize.

We choose to focus not only on the behavior someone is trying to change —but also on the underlying reasons for the behavior and the relief it provides currently.

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Trauma Informed Therapy

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