MicroCurrent Neurofeedback is

Safe, Noninvasive, & Revolutionary 

and is designed to help the brain “reboot” itself

The brain gets stuck in patterns due to chemical imbalances, environmental factors, stress, sickness, and even injuries. These patterns affect the central nervous system and produce brain-related issues. Through the use of electrodes strategically placed on the head and neck, tiny pulses can disrupt these adjusted patterns, which is completed through a process called MicroCurrent Neurofeedback (MCNF). MicroCurrent Neurofeedback is a safe, noninvasive, and revolutionary technology that utilizes an EEG unit and low-intensity pulses of energy to support the central nervous system.

What is Microcurrent Neurofeedback? 

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While seated, five lightweight EEG electrodes will be placed on your head and neck. The areas will be cleaned off, and a conductive paste is applied to hold the electrodes in place. The position of the electrodes will be determined before each treatment and may vary from person to person. From start to finish, the treatment will be around half an hour. 

The ability to open new neuro-pathways helps clients show up to their lives more fully, creating both confidence and hope because the therapy addresses the root cause as opposed to merely treating the symptoms of their problem. At NeuroCraft we believe cognitive issues and disorders are actually the symptom, not the problem. The following are just a few symptoms that we see improve with MicroCurrent Neurofeedback:


Brain fog
Executive functioning 

How Is it Done?

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MicroCurrent Neurofeedback helps strengthen the autonomic nervous system and shift the old neuro-pathways that are reinforcing these problematic patterns. When you are able to treat the root cause, which is poorly functioning or “stuck” neuro-pathways, the symptoms resolve naturally without medication or other interventions. 

MicroCurrent Neurofeedback is safe, painless, and effective for both adults and children. Within a few sessions, clients observe positive changes including mental clarity, a sense of calm, more restorative sleep, and a general sense of well-being. Over time, clients are able to access the full spectrum of emotions, feel grounded and less triggered, self-regulate, and feel fully present in their lives. 

Change your brain, change your life.  

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